Wednesday, June 20, 2012

BBW Shootout!

I have been crazy busy with shooting, camming and life in generally lately. If you haven't stopped by any of my stores, you really should check them out, but not until after you check out these foxy ladies I'm shooting with this weekend! As you know, I love having big shoot outs with my girl friends, and this weekend I get the awesome pleasure of having another one!! One of the things I love about shooting with a bunch of girls at once, is everyone brings new ideas to the table. We all get to laugh, have fun, and shoot videos so that we can continue entertaining our customers and fans, like you!

You all KNOW I cannot get enough of my girl Whitney Morgan, so you know you can keep your eyes open for her sexy, petite blond ass for some new clips from this weekend. I'm thinking she needs a good groping. Don't you agree?

You may have seen me with the lovely Darling Rikki before, and so I'm sure you'll be super excited to see us again! Check out this sexy picture of Rikki from!

Miss Mimi Melons is one girl who I don't get to see nearly enough of. I miss her like crazy and can't wait to get her SSBBW body in a few clips again!!

Now, I am SUPER excited to get this gorgeous SS-BBW Anastasia Vanderbust in front of my camera with me!! It will be my first time filming with her, and let me tell you... this girl is sexy!! Be sure to check out a preview of what this girl can do on!

Another lovely lady I get to shoot with this weekend is the blond BBW, miss Curvy Chrissy! I caught a glimpse of her sexy ass one night at a party and HOT DAMN! I cannot wait to shoot with her!! Chrissy can also be seen on

So what do you think? Are you as excited as I am to see these beautiful ladies on my stores? Can't wait? Go check out my foot fetish, fetish and femdom or my solo and girl-girl  stores now!! Remember, if you'd like to order a custom clip, please check out my site now for more info on custom photo sets/videos, photo shoots and sessions!


Saturday, May 12, 2012

JimmyJane's Form 2-Product Review

A couple weeks ago I played around with JimmyJane's Form 2 at a toy shop in Philadelphia. The quiet, cute toy felt amazing in my hands and I knew I wanted one. Fast forward to last night, I was at Fairvilla's Shades of Grey party and was reintroduced to the Form 2. A friend of mine was in attendance who owed me for helping him out with some editing, so rather than him paying me cash, I asked if he'd instead spend the money buying me a new toy. He did, and now I'm the very proud owner of a Form 2. A few friends have asked for my review of the toy, so here you go:

First Glance:
The toy is designed to be the "ears only" of a traditional Rabbit vibrator. The box gives basic information, which is nice, but to really understand why you'd possibly want this toy, you need to pick it up and put your fingers between the ears. The toy is definitely cute, but it also isn't a discreet toy: anyone that sees the shape knows what it's for.

In The Box:
The Form 2 comes with a small docking/charging station and a user's manual written in 6 different languages.

Product Details:
The Form 2 has 5 different power levels, with 4 vibration modes.
Charging time: 2 hours.
Usage time: 7+ hours according to the booklet (I've only had it for less than 24 hours, 10 of which I was asleep for, 4 of which I wasn't home for. So, needless to say, I haven't worn down the battery yet).
Rechargeable lithium polymer battery.
Size: approx. 1.9" wide x 3.2" tall
Silicon Body (use water based lube) and stainless steel
Waterproof, washable and bath friendly (I've only tested the waterproof claim at this point)
Available in Pink and Slate Grey

Juicy Details:
So far, I've taken the Form 2 out for a ride twice. Initially, the power levels didn't seem to have much differentiation between them when going past the 2nd power level other than noise level. The product is quiet, but you can hear the difference in power levels (and it may attract your cats to pounce on your hand...).  My problem with the noise is mine makes a quiet squeal that I'm not sure whether or not it's supposed to happen or not.

The four vibration modes are awesome. When you first turn it on, you've got the basic non-plusating vibrations. This mode is great. Even at the vibe's most powerful setting, it doesn't feel like it's going to burn your clit off with power (don't take that to mean it isn't powerful though). The second vibration mode feels like the vibrations are rolling up and down the ears. I was pleasantly surprised at how great it felt. The third vibration mode is possibly my favorite--it fluctuates between little power to a lot of power very quickly. I'm not sure the proper word for how to describe that mode, other than awesome. The fourth and final vibration mode is a pulsation mode. It is definitely my least favorite. My body wants to love it, but that setting alone didn't do for me what I was hoping.

The Form 2 is not your Hitachi, and that is something I had to remind myself when I first turned it on. I won't lie, my playtime sessions have been a bit of "wam, bam, thank you ma'm" sessions lately. This toy is not for that. You have to give yourself time to enjoy it, as you should be doing anyway. Think of your Hitachi as a quickie, rough lover, and the Form 2 as a more slow, sensual lover; both are great lovers, but the go about getting you to orgasm in very different ways.  Give yourself time to enjoy the toy, and expect your first time to be a somewhat awkward experience of learning what you like and don't like.

Other Notes:
I'd be curious to play with a partner using this, both having it used coming at a different angle and during oral play.

At the recommendation of one of the other toy reps in attendance at the show, I tried it out with Wet Synergy basic + cool tingle. I've never used lube with a clit only toy, but this combo was amazing. The lube has a peppermint feel and smell to it, which adds a cool, sweeping sensation. Wet Synergy is a water and silicone hybrid lubricant, making it safe to use on multiple surfaces. It's also available with a warming sensation, but if you're not a fan of the "Fire" part of Trojan's Fire and Ice Condoms, you might not enjoy it. Personally, I'm a huge fan of cooling sensations on my lady bits. You can get a free trial of Wet Synergy from their website.

Small, cute, quiet, waterproof, 3 year limited warranty, when you turn it off it remembers which vibe mode it was left set on

squealing noise when running, power levels 2-5 don't provide a huge range in power

$145 ordered directly from JimmyJane

I love it. I had planned on getting one myself, but having a friend buy it for me was extra awesome. The price is a bit up there if you're not used to buying quality toys, but it comes with a 3 year warranty and apparently JimmyJane is pretty good about switching it out if there's a problem with the toy (a friend of mine got one and didn't like it, so she exchanged it for a different Form toy). I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a sensual toy with no penetration.

Saturday, November 12, 2011


It's been a while since I remembered to blog. I've been so busy. I ended up not moving to Thailand, and so here I am in my own place still in Florida. It's not such a bad thing though. Bangkok is flooded, and it's not an ideal time to be there. I moved into my own place and have been adjusting to the change. Luckily, I've had a little bit of time to do some filming!

I celebrated my birthday a little bit late by abusing a new submissive slave. It was quite fun! I love when they come to me, young and corruptible. To buy the video, please visit

I also got the pleasure of shooting with MMP studios last weekend. It was a fairly simple custom, but it was a blast. I got to work on my SCUBA skills and pretend to drown!

Hm. What else has been going on? I'm sure there's stuff, but whatevers. I don't particularly care to update more right now. Sorry!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Since I'm awake, I may as well update you on the fantastic updates going on at the world of Sydney Screams!

On Sydney's Perfect Sole, watch as Jasoninja of is forced to worship the feet of Miss Whitney Morgan, Caramel Vixen and Sydney Screams. This video is one from while I was up in Philly with Whitney. Let me just say how much fun I had on the trip. Caramel was a blast to hustle with, and it really inspired me to hustle even harder. Jasoninja was an amazing host and one of the most professional producers I've ever had the pleasure of working with.

Then, on Sydney's Mouth Fetish, we have a new update that is a bit different for my lipstick/mouth/tongue lovers. Generally I don't mix fetishes there, but I decided to try it out
and did my first lipstick fetish with JOI countdown. What's special about this clip is that not only does it add JOI and countdown, it also has me blending TWO very sexy shades of red together. One is MAC Media and the other is a Revlon red gloss, that mixed together create the perfect red to make you weak at the knees and hard where it counts. Because I loved the color combination so much, I also shot a small set of accompanying photos that can be found at the images4sale store.

On Mistress Sydney Screams, there are a number of exciting updates! In the most recent clip, I give you jerk off instructions to cum twice in just over 5 minutes. Can you do it? I spank Catherine Foxx's adorable ass, and smother Jasoninja with my big fat ass!

So, now that I'm not running off to Thailand as planned, I have some exciting plans for the next few months. I'll be shooting a lot of content and hopefully will be collaborating a lot more with more local producers on a much more regular basis. I also will be traveling once a month both in Florida and on a national level. I'm trying to make it to Dallas after the New Year, perhaps with Whitney Morgan for a long weekend to shoot with Lone Star Damsels and some other awesome folks. Then, I'd like to return up to Philly after winter since I had such a great time there before, and perhaps back here to LA in the spring (oh, did I mention I'm in Los Angeles right now? No? Oh. well. Hello West Coast!). I'd ideally like to make it out to Las Vegas, Chicago, Atlanta and NYC sometime in the next year as well, and of course I'll now be able to make it back out to FetishCon! Woot woot!! As always, if you want to shoot me and I'm not in your city, the best way to get me there is to pay my way there! Southwest and Airtran are super cheap and if you pay for my travel expenses, I work free to pay off the cost! Example, if you pay my airfare of $250 roundtrip to New Orleans/Dallas/Atlanta, I will work 3 hours for free!

That's all for now folks. xoxox

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Help Miss Whitney Morgan!

My close friend and awesome fetish model partner in crime, Miss Whitney Morgan, got into a HUGE car wreck this week and needs help. As almost always during this time of year, it was raining and she was driving home from a shoot when her car hit another one, then the car behind her which was tailgating her in turn hit her, forcing her car to go spinning and all sorts of not fun things. Thankfully Whitney is alive with no broken bones BUT she's the one being held at fault even though she was sandwiched in the middle. On top of which, she did get hurt and her car was totaled. So, she needs your help! And since she is one of my closest friends, this is my call to action to get you to help her out.

Please visit one of her four clips4sale stores to buy a few clips, or email her directly at to find out how you can help by sending money, buying custom clips, booking shoots, or buying some of her socks/panties/fetishwear.
Miss Whitney Morgan's Clips - a wide variety of fetishes, including lipstick, burping, sneezing, forced orgasm, masturbation instruction, and more!
Domme-Nation - Domination, Humiliation, Forced orgasms, etc
Bound and Blonde - Damsel in distress, bondage, bound tickling, etc
Better in Pairs - foot fetish, domination, humiliation, dirty feet, etc

Go help my girl out!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Travel Notice! Philly Sept 1st-5th

I am *so* super excited!! This weekend I am making my way up to the NE for the first time as a model!! I haven't been up to Philly...ever, and already I'm booked like crazy with some of my favorite folks who I spent time with at FetishCon. I'm really excited because I'm traveling with my bestie and partner in fetish crime, Miss Whitney Morgan. We've got some awesome shoots set up with some awesome folks!!

On top of shooting with these awesome folks, Whitney Morgan and I are featured models at Friday's Foot Party!

I am available for private sessions on a first paid, first come basis with deposits required ahead of time to hold slots. Foot fetish, domination, humiliation, bondage, tickling, smothering, corporal punishment and more!! Email me for rates and availability. NOTHING illegal. NO escort services. Payment for time and companionship only. for info :)

Super excited! Yay!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

My opinion on penis and their physical attractiveness

One of my biggest pet peeves is people sending me pictures of their man junk without me asking them to do so. If you a man and you are reading this, I do not ever want to see a picture of you junk unless I specifically ask for a picture of your junk. Why? Because I, Sydney Screams, do not find the male anatomy to be attractive from the mid-thigh up to the belly button. I find the penis (cock, dick, man-junk, whatever you'd like to call it) to be extremely unattractive. I do not like to look at pictures of it. I do not like it in my face. I do not like to see it from a distance. I do not like to see it up close. I do not, under any circumstance, like to look at penis. I know this comes as a shock to many folks who have read my blog or know me personally and how insatiable my sex drive is, however the fact of the matter is that I do not like looking at the penis.

I find men to be attractive, and I am very sexually attracted to men. I have slept with more men than women. However, I do not like looking their penises. Out of all the male lovers that I have had, only one of them has had what I would refer to as "the perfect penis" and even that was only marginally less ugly than the rest.

See, here's the thing. Everyone has their own opinion of what is attractive. I get that. I find vagina to be VERY beautiful, even though I know people who find it to be disgusting to look at. I know women who find penises to be beautiful. I am just not one of those women. I don't like it when these idiots feel the need to argue with me on the attractiveness of their penis. My opinion is not going to change. I don't need a picture of your goddamn penis to know that it is not attractive to me. Your penis is not ever going to be attractive to me. Ever. You could wrap a bow on it, put lipstick on it, coat it in chocolate, or paint it blue and it would still not be pretty to me.

Yes, I have strap-ons/dildos. My strap-ons aren't used on me. My personal toys that I use for my pleasure aren't realistic looking at ALL. In fact, most men see my toy collection and are like "um, why do you sleep with men when you have THAT?" It isn't that I don't *like* having sex with men. It is that I just don't like *looking* at penis, and that I have no respect for the idiots who try to argue that MY opinion is wrong. It is MY opinion. If you think your penis is beautiful, more power to you, but don't come to me begging for justification because you are barking up the wrong tree.